Lead Generation on Social Media: Common Problems and Solutions



Social networks have been around for over a decade. In this short time, social media has changed the way we connect with friends and colleagues, share the news or shop online. For marketers, social networks offer an online audience of unprecedented sizes, as well as plenty of new opportunities for brand awareness, brand loyalty and lead generation.

But not all marketing professionals believe in the opportunities for lead generation offered by social media. According to a recent survey from Ascend2, only 26 percent of marketers consider social media an effective channel for generating new leads. This number seems surprisingly low, especially if you consider millions of conversations happening on social networks on a daily basis.

While we can’t know everyone’s reasons for doubting social media’s role in lead generation, we’ll hazard an educated guess: like anything worthy, finding clients online takes time, and there is no one-size-fits-all lead generation solution with a 100 percent success rate.

Before launching LeadScanr, our team looked into the main reasons why many Internet marketers don’t find social media an effective tool for lead generation. Our research surfaced four major pain points:

  • First, we found that native search tools available on social networks aren’t very effective for lead generation purposes, and manual searches don’t yield satisfactory results in the majority of cases.
  • Then, even if you try to filter only certain professional groups manually – for example, freelancer job boards – then you miss out on individual social profiles.
  • If you chose to focus your search on just a few groups, the actual process of monitoring and filtering out irrelevant posts can take up a lot of valuable time – the time that could otherwise be spent on more lucrative and rewarding work.
  • Finally, even if you manage to find a lead, getting in touch with potential clients is complicated due to private profiles, lack of trust towards unfamiliar users, etc.

At LeadScanr, we help address the first three of those pain points; namely the lack of search tools, the time-consuming nature of social network monitoring and the wide scope of lead monitoring on social media. We do all of the hard work for you, so all that’s left for you to do is choose the appropriate leads and get in touch with them.

As for the fourth issue, the one concerning user trust and lack of access to private profile, we’re in the process of researching best practices to address this pain point. We will be sharing our results from this research and many others on this blog as well as all the official LeadScanr social channels.

So subscribe to LeadScanr on all your favorite social networks and share your lead generation experience. Let’s work together to make intent marketing better for everyone!

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