Lead generation tactics to help you get the most out of social media marketing


In our post Lead Generation on Social Media: Common Problems and Solutions we talked about four main reasons why many Internet marketers don’t find social media an effective tool for lead generation. At LeadScanr, we help address the first three of those pain points. And what about the last point – getting in touch with potential clients?

Here are a few lead generation tactics to help:

  1. Make a social media profile worth following. Nothing helps foster brand loyalty more than an established social media presence on the same networks that your clients use. Take a brand like Herschel Supply Co., for example. They owe their business success largely to their witty and helpful social media content.
  2. Take advantage of gated social media content. Sometimes, it’s totally okay to put high-quality content under lock and key. If you have already proven that your social media content adds value to your clients’ work, they will be more likely to share their contact information with you.
  3. This leads us to our final point:
  • Use landing pages.
  • Instead of sending your social media followers directly to your official website, use custom-made landing pages for each post. This will help you discover your best-performing content, narrow down the sources of web traffic, and get a better picture of your audience demographics.

You can read more about best practices for lead generation on social media in this article from GetResponse.

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