Best practices for lead generation on Twitter, Part 2: Twitter lists


Now that you have set up your Twitter profile with an informative bio description, an attractive profile picture and some clever tweets, your follower count will be increasing by dozens every week. As that number goes up, so will the number of your conversations on Twitter.

The next step is setting up an efficient system to organize all of these conversations. Engaging in real-time discussions with your online followers is incredibly valuable for getting those potential clients; but you risk losing that advantage if you lose track of different buying stages of your potential clients.

It’s essential for all your communications on social media to contribute to a larger strategy, the ultimate goal of which is turning that social media follower into a client. In order to do this, organize all your online conversations into several categories based on the status of your business relationship. You can do so using a spreadsheet, a Google Doc, or Twitter’s List feature.

In this post, we will focus on the latter.


Best practices for working with Twitter leads

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So you found a potential client with the help of LeadScanr – congratulations! Now all that’s left for you to do is offer your services, submit your work and get paid. You already know how to deliver your end of the bargain; but if you’re new to the field of lead generation on social media, you may not know the most effective ways of communicating with a potential client on these platforms.

That’s why we’d like to offer you some tips on how to lock down that first client. We’ll use Twitter as an example, since that’s where most of the leads in the current LeadScanr streams come from.

We’ll start from the very beginning: how to create your Twitter profile and how to make it look appealing to your potential clients.

Fill out your Twitter profile so it doesn’t scare away potential clients

Imagine you found a lead on Twitter and tweeted at them, offering your services. The client is intrigued by your offer, so they click on your username… only to be greeted with a blank, standard-blue profile with no tweets and a default egg profile picture.

Don’t ask your grandma to take a picture for your twitter profile

Don't ask your grandma to take a picture for your twitter profile

So the client makes the only appropriate decision in this case and ignores your message.