Want to attract clients on social media? Avoid these things! Part 1


Marketers often get a bad reputation for spamming social media platforms with promotional content. In our experience, we’ve seen it all – enough terrible examples of brand-client interactions to fill a handbook. Instead, we’ll give a few particularly bad examples here.

Can you tell which of the practices below are NOT recommended for successful lead generation on social media?

Always keep your potential clients guessing: Send them a link with examples of your work without any context. Just a link by itself will surely intrigue them enough to get in touch with you. If the client is worth it, they will take the bait.

Don’t wait to follow up: You have places to be and things to do! Start sending your follow-up messages to the client right away, preferably within five minutes after the initial message. Better yet, follow up with them on every social platform you can find. If the client really needs your services, they will rush to respond to your messages.