Welcome to the LeadScanr blog!


Hello and welcome to the LeadScanr blog! We’re so happy you’ve joined us in our shared mission of lead discovery through social media.

If you’re not familiar with our service, let’s start with a brief overview of what we do. LeadScanr helps forward-thinking businesses find potential clients on social network sites like Twitter. To do so, LeadScanr software uses a sophisticated linguistic algorithm, which has been trained on millions of social media posts to recognize purchase intent – simply put, an explicitly stated desire to buy a product or a service. Once the software discovers social media posts relevant to the chosen industry, a so-called lead stream is generated, where the user can find contact information for their potential clients.

We currently offer a free version of our service, which gives you a taste of our custom software; as well as a paid subscription, which offers an expanded list of lead discovery services. 

On this blog, you can expect to find all kinds of useful information related to lead generation and client discovery, from anything LeadScanr-related to the latest advice from top industry professionals. Here are a few examples of the topics we’ll cover in our blog posts:

– LeadScanr news and service updates;

– Advice on best practices for working with leads;

– Top trends in the fields of lead generation on social media;

– Latest industry-relevant research and articles;

– And many more!

Most of all, we want our blog posts to inspire you to do your job better. We hope this blog becomes a discussion platform for professionals from many industries all over the world. If you’d like to see a particular topic covered on the LeadScanr blog, or share your own professional experience with our subscribers, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to hear about what interests you. You can get in touch with our  team by email at help@leadscanr.com.

Until next time – find your first clients today